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Life+™ SportDevice is an innovation, a revolution for all sports practices, all athletes. First and unique hand sized and programmed PBM device, Life+™ SportDevice uses light from natural spectrum to improve and stimulate natural process of regeneration at cellular level to optimize and help warmup and recovery in sport.

Life+™ SportDevice Light emission is calibrated in order to bring its photons inside cells, directly to mitochondries and then put back to normal level the production of the ATP (adénosine tri-phosphate). From that, cells have their adequat energy production to do their jobs.

Using it for warmup (before exercice), it allows a better cellular work for: preparing the muscle to effort, improve the muscular repetition capability, endurance, strenght, reduce the risk of muscular damage and lower the required time of natural recovery.

Using for recovery after exercices, it optimizes the natural recovery process. Cells have full energy (ATP) to correctly do their reparation effects, anti-inflammatory action, damaged muscle fibers repair and healing. You will gain time and comfort in recovery without doing more than what your body can do.

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